kate   +  steve


We’re not a hugely traditional couple, so it makes sense to us that we don't create traditional films.  We’ve been together for 10 years (we've known each other for 20) and although we’re not married yet, it's fair to say that we feel like we are. Steve started his career as an Assistant Director in TV and Film and has enjoyed working with some of the country’s leading filmmakers.  He has the technical side covered and will happily talk for hours on end about cameras and lenses, but for me it’s all in the details and there’s nothing more satisfying to us both than creating your film and watching it come together.

Outside of weddings, we love to travel and explore exciting new places; and with friends and family in far-flung places, we’re fortunate to get lots of opportunities to fulfil this passion.  Alongside our love of travel, we love nothing more than enjoying great food with a craft beer or a glass of wine.


our approach


Subtlety is key for us; both in our approach to filming your wedding and the moments we capture.  We're discreet and unobtrusive and this allows us to capture beautiful, natural moments from your day in a documentary style.

As eternal people watchers, we couldn’t think of a more perfect career.  We love receiving enquiries from couples who share our passion for unique wedding films and are excited about having their day immortalised in film, so please do get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.